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photo by River Makings

There was really only one period in my life when I wasn’t sure about a career in circus. That was when, at six years old, I thought the only way I could stop my brother from pushing me over was if I became a police woman. Since then I have made these realizations; 

- That he will always have one-foot-two-inches on me

- I was a really annoying kid


The insane world of a child growing up in youth circus has calmed down since I have moved from Australia to Montreal, Canada. In choosing l’École Nationale de Cirque I swapped my polyamorous relationships with the disciplines of circus for a specialization in handbalancing. 

In migrating to Montreal I also chose adulthood, 15h30 sundown and the 24 hour clock system.


Now, at the end of my schooling, I am happy to have learnt these things;

- Sometimes Less is More

- Sometimes More is More

- Usually More is Less

- Whatever the case, we don’t get very far if we don’t like what we’re doing.


Through specializing I have also learnt a lot about myself. That I am more mammalian than avian. That I work better in a group than alone. That I have reached almost the end of how much time I can spend staring at the floor. My question now is how I can open up this technique, this movement style, to an audience. How can it become an exchange instead of an observation. 

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